Lyle Murphy - Founder of ATMC

Lyle Murphy - Founder of ATMC

Lyle Murphy is the Founder of ATMC. He was educated as a chiropractor and participated in the Diplomate of Neurology program. He also holds a post-doctorate certificate in Environmental Medicine. He was inspired to create ATMC after he had been given an injection of anti-psychotic medication during a “manic” episode.

The cause of the episode was actually hypoglycemia, and after the injection, he faded into a low blood sugar coma that lasted two weeks. Upon regaining consciousness, he was impaired to some degree and experienced periods of psychosis for 10 years. He only made a full recovery once he came across some of the detoxification and supplementation techniques used by ATMC.

He now manages a professional staff of over 40 persons, and is the spokesman for ATMC. He also helps direct the specific detoxification techniques for each person. He teaches at the center, and lectures at leading holistic health conferences across the county.

Lyle Murphy is a supporting member of the following:

Alliance for Addiction Solutions

The Alliance for Addiction Solutions is a nonprofit organization that dedicates itself to the utilization of nutritional and other effective natural modalities in the treatment of addictive disorders. They promote the use of non-drug techniques to help establish biochemical balancing of an addicted brain and body. They also promote research, facilitate education to professionals and public, provide certification to recovery programs, and offer referrals to practitioners. In addition, they strive to influence treatment policy and seek to expand insurance to cover alternative rehabilitation methods.

Mind Freedom International

Mind Freedom International is an independent non-profit collaborative that protects human rights and promotes humane treatment within mental health.